Company Profile

Okhotskoye LLC is a reliable supplier of the Russian assortment of Far Eastern canned fish and fresh-frozen fish.
Okhotskoye LLC was established on the basis of Seasafico LLC, Sakhalin region, Lesnoye village, as a canning shop in 2007.
In 2010, we purchased the production facility of Richfish LLC located in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. In 2010—2011, the enterprise was upgraded.
Our mission
The quality of the supplied products and reasonable price are one of the most important criteria for our business. We always try to work as openly as possible, providing all the necessary information so that customers feel as comfortable as possible when dealing with us.

We are developing and improving every day: we study the experience of global companies, gain experience in the development and implementation of a new range. We love what we do, treat our business partners with respect and our competitors who give us the ground for growth and development — with appreciation.

We are focused on long-term mutually beneficial cooperation!

Our production facilities
  • Six multiplate freezing units with a total capacity of 65,000 kg of frozen products per day,
  • canning shop with a capacity 35,000 kg/100,000 cans No. 6 per day,
  • caviar shop – 5,000 kg per day,
  • fish drying and jerking chambers – 500 kg per day,
  • -18°C refrigerating capacity: 450,000 kg,
  • -10°C refrigerating capacity: 20,000 kg,
  • whelk processing line,
  • kelp processing line,
  • own 650 kW TSS,
  • ice generator (slurry ice – 25 tons per day).
  • During the salmon fishing season, up to 130 people work at the enterprise.
    The products are processed immediately after harvesting and arrival at the plant.
  • Freezing – 60 000 kg per day
  • Canning fish in cans – 40 000 kg per day
  • In 2021, the output amounted to more than 3 million cans.
    Fresh-frozen products — more than 1,000 tons.
Sales territory
Primorsky region, Far East, Siberia
Certificates of Quality
Our production facility meets all modern requirements and current regulations.
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