Pink salmon (Oncorhynchus gorbuscha)

Pink salmon is a beautiful, strong, well-formed fish with silvery sides and belly and a dark back. It has small scales, large and dark spots on the caudal fin and small ones on the back. As a rule, it reaches no more than 60 cm in length, and weighs no more than 2.5 kg.
Pink salmon is the most numerous species in the Sakhalin-Kuril basin. It comes to spawn in almost all waterbodies, with the exception of rivers with highly mineralized water.
It is customary to divide the pink salmon of Sakhalin into two large stocks – the Japanese and the Pacific, the feeding grounds of which are respectively confined to the Sea of Japan and the Pacific Ocean. It spawns in the rivers of western and southeastern Sakhalin, Primorye and in the Amur basin.